Riverside Annual Salute to Veterans Parade

American Flag | Riverside, CA Veterans Parade | Greenberg & Greenberg, A Professional Law CorporationIt’s because of the brave sacrifices and tremendous effort of so many veterans that we enjoy immense freedoms in America today.

This month, the city of Riverside will honor the contributions of veterans in the Ninth Annual Salute to Veterans Parade on April 19 at 10 a.m. The parade will show our thanks to veterans throughout history, from all over the country, including the Inland Empire. [Read more...]

Drug Charges for Philip Seymour Hoffman Death

Drug Possession | Greenberg & Greenberg, APLC | Riverside, CAThree suspects face drug charges for the criminal possession of heroin and cocaine tied to actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death in early February. All three men have pleaded not guilty.

According to a CNN news article, one of the defendant’s bail was set to nearly a quarter of a million dollars. He was arraigned on three counts of heroin possession. [Read more...]

Jail Time for Shots Fired Over Music

Prison | Greenberg & Greenberg, APLC | Riverside, CAA Florida man faces decades in prison after shooting into an SUV full of teenagers during an argument over music. Michael Dunn has been convicted of three counts of attempted second-degree murder. Each carries a minimum sentence of 20 years.

According to an article from CNN, in November 2012, Dunn pulled in to a Jacksonville gas station and parked next to an SUV that was playing loud rap music. Dunn claims that one of the teenagers threatened him after he asked them to turn the music down. [Read more...]

California Hit and Run

California Hit and Run | Riverside, CA | Criminal Defense Lawyers | Greenberg & Greenberg, APLCPolice are looking for the suspect of a fatal hit and run in Palm Springs, California. Two drivers struck a man; one stopped, and one fled.

The victim was found lying in the southbound lanes north of an intersection on Palm Springs roadway. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died. [Read more...]

Riverside Dedicated to Better Neighborhoods

Better Neighborhoods | Riverside, CAA research project to make the older suburban neighborhoods of Riverside, CA, more walk-able and desirable for residents is underway.

According to an article from The Press-Enterprise, researchers at UC Riverside’s Center for Sustainable Suburban Development is leading a research project to determine ways to make the Ramona and Arlington neighborhoods more walk-able. [Read more...]

Google+ Invite Lands Man in Jail

G+ Circles | Criminal Defense Lawyers | Riverside, CAIf you’re on any sort of social media platform, you’re probably used to unwanted invites. Friends, family, and acquaintances might send you an invite to play Farmville, Candy Crush—whatever the latest online game craze is. Most of the time, you probably ignore these invites, and that’s the end of it.

One unwanted invite, however, recently landed the sender in jail, ABC News reports. [Read more...]

“Popcorn Defense” for Man Charged with Movie Theater Killing

Movie theater | Criminal Defense Lawyers | Riverside, CAIt started with an argument over texting, and it ended with one man dead and another in custody. How could an argument over something so trivial go so far wrong?

Chad Oulson, a 43-year-old husband and father, was killed after an argument with another moviegoer turned violent, reported the New York Times. [Read more...]

Riverside Dickens Festival Returns!

BooksA favorite of Dickens readers and Victorian Era enthusiasts alike, the Riverside Dickens Festival is a local gem.

For 21 years, the Riverside Dickens Festival has attracted thousands of attendees. At the two-day festival, attendees can enjoy a number of different events and activities, all designed to “promote literacy, provide educational entertainment, and expand awareness of social similarities between Victorian times and the present,” according to the Riverside Convention & Visitors Bureau[Read more...]

Should Rap Lyrics Be Allowed as Evidence?

Lyrics | Criminal Defense Attorneys | Riverside, CA“I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy…”

Somebody call the police, because Eric Clapton has publicly admitted to shooting someone!

If that sounds absurd, it’s because no one would believe that the lyrics that Eric Clapton (or any other artist, for that matter) sings onstage are an autobiographical confession. [Read more...]

Dickens Festival Brings Victorian Magic to Riverside

Victorian era | Riverside, CA“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

If you know what that iconic quote is from, then you’re sure to love the 2014 Riverside Dickens Festival!

The festival will take place on February 22 and 23 in downtown Riverside. This exciting event highlights the collected works of Charles Dickens and features over 150 performers dressed in Victorian-era costumes, portraying characters from his novels. [Read more...]