Montana Judge Disciplined for Lowering Rape Sentence

Inside the Supreme Court The country is taking a stand on a recent sentence, where a judge sentenced a former teacher to thirty days in prison after being charged with sexual intercourse without consent, or statutory rape, of one of his students.

Last summer, Montana teacher Stacey Dean Rambold was convicted of raping a fourteen-year-old student. Cherice Morales committed suicide before herseventeenth birthday, while the trial was still pending.

There was a public outcry against District Judge G. Todd Baugh, whose decision seemed improper. [Read more...]

Megan’s Law and Sex Offender Registration

Hand typing on keyboardWhen a person is convicted of a sex crime, Megan’s Law dictates that the convicted sex offender must register as a sex offender with both state and local authorities.

Under Megan’s Law, the public can be notified about sex offender registrants that may pose a risk. This law was enacted in 1996 after seven-year-old Megan Kanka was raped and killed by a known molester. The molester relocated, and the Kanka family, and neighborhood, had no knowledge of the previous offenses. [Read more...]

Riverside Fourth of July Events

fireworks in the skyRiverside’s Fourth of July Celebration will take place this Friday on Independence Day. The city will continue the patriotic tradition of having Independence Day events during the day and fireworks at night.

The celebration will start at 5:00 p.m. with Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery’s Fourth of July Front Row Fireworks. This family-friendly event will have free activities for kids, including Duck Drag races, and vendors offering food. In-n-out Burgers will also have a stand. There will be live music and a “Little Miss Firecracker” Pageant for ages 5-10. [Read more...]

When Can Teens Be Charged as Adults?

When a minor commits a crime, it is handled differently than if an adult commits the same crime.

This is because a young adult may not have the maturity, wisdom, experience, and thought process of an adult. Young adults are still growing, and they may not appreciate the consequences of their behavior.

As a result, the court system tries to differentiate between youthful mistakes and serious crimes. With the right treatment, a younger offender is often more likely to be rehabilitated and become a productive member of society. [Read more...]

Can Police Search Your Phone without a Warrant?

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The Fourth Amendment protects you—and every other citizen of the U.S.—against unreasonable searches by law enforcement.

The police are not allowed to perform searches without a search warrant. To obtain a search warrant, the police must convince a court that there is probable cause that evidence of a crime exists at the place they want to search.

However, there are some exceptions to the amendment. The police can search without a warrant if there are “exigent circumstances,” which means that the police need to take action but do not have time to get a warrant—such as when someone is in imminent danger, a suspect is escaping, or evidence is being destroyed. Law enforcement can also conduct a warrantless search of a person when they are making an arrest. [Read more...]

Celebrate Father’s Day in Riverside

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Dads do so much for their kids. They are there to change diapers, teach their kids to ride a bike, help them with homework, offer important life lessons, and more. They do all of this seven days a week, with no breaks or pay.

We all could probably do a little more to show our dads how much we appreciate them.

This Father’s Day, why not show your dad (or father figure) how much you appreciate him by taking him out on a fun day in Riverside, California?

There are a wide variety of events and activities to choose from in the area.

Is your dad a foodie? Take him to one of Riverside’s many great restaurants. Mission Inn, a favorite of many residents, is hosting a Father’s Day brunch, according to Open Table. The brunch costs $59 for adults and $29 for children between the ages of 6 and 12. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. The brunch is offered from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Is your dad an aspiring chef? Take him to Riverside’s great farmer’s market. The market offers thousands of pounds of the best local produce and other products. You and your dad can enjoy the market’s live entertainment while you pick out ingredients for a delicious Father’s Day meal. The market will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. [Read more...]

GPS Monitors Give Police Key Evidence in Sex Offense Case


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Today, law enforcement has an ever-increasing number of tools at their disposal to track, find, and build a criminal case against potential suspects. These tools also help to provide key evidence in many cases.

This was what happened in a recent case against two registered sex offenders in Southern California, according to a recent CNN report.

The two men, Steven Dean Gordon, 45, and Franc Cano, 27, had been convicted of sex crimes involving children. Gordon was convicted in 1992 and Cano in 2007. As registered sex offenders, the men were required to check in with police every 30 days and wear GPS ankle bracelets.

It was these GPS ankle bracelets that police say connected them to the rape and murder of four women. [Read more...]

Homeless Mom Who Left Kids in Car during Interview Arrested

Car seat | Criminal Defense Lawyer | Riverside, CA | Greenberg & Greenberg, A Professional Law CorporationLeaving kids in the car is dangerous! There’s no doubt about that. On a hot summer’s day, temperatures in a car can quickly rise to over 100 degrees, which leaves kids at risk for heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. These illnesses can even result in death.

Law enforcement and prosecutors are tough on parents they believe have left their children in the car. Serious charges can result.

This was the case for Shanesha Taylor, who was charged with two counts of child abuse for leaving her kids in the car. [Read more...]

Perris Hill Park Farmers Market Opens

San Bernardino Farmers Market | Criminal Defense Lawyers | Greenberg & Greenberg, A Professional Law CorporationThe San Bernardino Farmers Fair & Market Night is a community staple. Every year, from May to October, the market offers the best in healthy local food while providing quality entertainment for all ages.

From crisp produce to savory meats, you can find a wide variety of farm-fresh goods at the market. While you shop, make sure to talk to the vendors to find the best recipes for your purchases. [Read more...]

When the Innocent Go to Prison: the Case of Edward Lee Elmore

Prison Time | Criminal Defense Lawyer | San Bernardino, CA | Greenberg & Greenberg, A Professional Law CorporationOur justice system is far from perfect: mistakes happen with alarming frequency. And when they do, innocent people are sent to prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

In fact, this is one of the strongest arguments against the death penalty. Many people—from ordinary citizens to professors to legal professionals—are disturbed by the idea that the government might execute an innocent person.

This was almost the case for one man: Edward Lee Elmore. [Read more...]