Drug Crimes

In California, prosecution and sentencing for drug offenses are tougher than ever, with new laws and enhanced penalties. In order to avoid jail time for even a minor possession charge, it is important to have an experienced, aggressive San Bernardino and Riverside drug defense lawyer on your side.

Drug Charge Defense Attorneys in San Bernardino & Riverside

With more than 40 years of criminal law experience in Southern California, Greenberg & Greenberg has developed an aggressive defense strategy for individuals accused of committing all drug crimes. Our law firm includes former deputy district attorneys with the tenacity and legal skills to help protect you and your rights.

Developing an Aggressive Drug Defense Strategy

At Greenberg & Greenberg, our San Bernardino and Riverside drug defense lawyers offer a substantial amount of experience defending individuals facing any type of drug charge in Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties. We know the right steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy against:

  • Drug possession of marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin, mushrooms, and other illegal drugs
  • Prescription drug crimes, including fraud or intent to sell prescription narcotics
  • Possession with intent to distribute meth and other controlled substances
  • Cultivation and manufacturing of marijuana (pot) and other illegal substances
  • Drug trafficking, sales, transportation, distribution, and importation of any illegal narcotics
  • Marijuana DUI, driving while under the influence of Marijuana

Most drug crimes are serious felony offenses, with many carrying mandatory minimum sentences. Prison sentences can start at 16 months and increase dramatically for high-level and repeat offenses.

At Greenberg & Greenberg, our San Bernardino and Riverside drug defense attorneys are committed to avoiding prison or jail time for all drug offenders. The Riverside drug defense attorneys at our law firm seek to mitigate any punishment by pursuing dismissals or negotiating plea agreements.

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