Probation Violation

If you messed up and failed to comply with terms of your probation, you face the possibility of revocation of your probation and reinstatement of the original sentence, perhaps with additional penalties. To avoid the worst outcome, you should retain an experienced San Bernardino & Riverside criminal defense attorney.

Probation Violation Lawyers in San Bernardino & Riverside

You can contact Greenberg & Greenberg of Riverside, California 24 hours a day to arrange a free consultation. We have a record of success in probation violation hearings, representing clients of Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange counties. (Sorry, we do not handle parole violations.)

Probation Revocation in San Bernardino & Riverside

There are two scenarios that can lead to probation revocation:

(1) Failing to comply with terms of your probation
(2) An arrest for new criminal charges

Pre-Trial Probation Violation Options in San Bernardino & Riverside

Although the possible consequences are severe, we want you know there is hope of a positive outcome.Contact our law firm as soon as you are ordered by the court to appear at a revocation hearing. We can take many steps prior to the hearing to improve your legal position, including:

  • Re-establishing contact with your probation officer
  • Paying fines or restitution
  • Completing community service requirements
  • Entering drug or alcohol treatment

In the worse case scenario, a judge will revoke probation, impose the original sentence and tack on an additional jail term. We make every attempt to avoid jail time, arguing for extended probation, electronic monitoring, community service, or other alternatives. If you or your child is charged with a new crime, we can vigorously fight that charge to minimize the impact on your probation status and any new penalties.

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