Violent Crimes

If you have been charged with a violent crime in San Bernardino or Riverside, the prosecutor will push for the harshest possible penalties. The consequences of a violent crime conviction can be severe. For some offenses, you may face steep fines, probation, and required anger management classes. For more serious violent crimes, you can face life in prison and even the death penalty.

San Bernardino and Riverside Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Greenberg & Greenberg, our San Bernardino and Riverside violent crime lawyers have a proven record of defending clients against charges of assault, domestic violence, and other violent crimes. We will mount an aggressive defense against the charges you are facing to achieve a favorable result, whether it be dismissal of charges, acquittal by jury, or reduced penalties.

Hiring an Attorney for Violent Crime Defense

As former district attorneys, our defense lawyers know how prosecutors approach violent crime cases. We are well versed in the California statutes concerning violent crimes, including the three strikes law and gang-related enhancements.

We handle a wide range of violent crime defense cases in state courts throughout California. The scope of our practice includes defending against charges such as:

In handling your case, we will explore all potential strategies and defenses. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may argue that you were acting in self-defense, or that you were provoked. Our San Bernardino and Riverside lawyers work as a team on every case, allowing them to collaborate on successful defense strategies to pursue very favorable results for our clients.

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