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Criminal Defense
What shoud I do if I'm Arrested What should I do if I’m arrested?
Miranda What are your Miranda rights?
Bench_Warrent What is a Bench Warrant?
3 strike What is the three-strikes law in California?
Mis_Fel What are the differences between misdemeanors and felonies?
Felonies_Prison What felonies require that I go to state prison?
firearm Can I own a firearm if I’ve been convicted of a felony?
DUI Defense
Exceptions_DUI Are there exceptions for necessary driving under a DUI license suspension?
police_officer_pulls_over_DUI What happens if a police officer pulls me over for suspicion of a DUI?
DUI_Out of state What happens if I was arrested on suspicion of DUI in California, but I’m from out of state?
DUI_Consequences What are the possible consequences of a DUI conviction for first-time offenders? For repeat offenders?
DUI Limit What are the legal DUI limits for adults and minors?
License_Suspension What is the license suspension after a DUI?
Breathalyzer What Is The Breathalyzer, What Does It Measure, And Do I Have To Take It?
field_sobriety What are field sobriety tests? What happens if I fail a field sobriety test?
signs_police What Signs Does a Police Officer Look For if He/She Suspects that the Driver is Intoxicated?
Drug Crimes
Marijuana_Use What are the Penalties for Marijuana Use and/or Sale in California?
Drug_Charges Different Drug Charges for Possession, Transporting & Selling
Sexual Offenses
Sex_Offense What are the consequences if I Plead Guilty to a Sex Offense?
Domestic Violence
Domestic_Violence What are the consequences if I am charged with domestic violence?