White Collar Crimes

In California, allegations of theft, fraud, and misuse of company funds are often charged as felony crimes. If you or your loved one is suspected of committing this type of crime, consult an experienced San Bernardino or Riverside criminal defense attorney to minimize any potential harm.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Bernardino and Riverside

With more than 40 years of criminal law experience, Greenberg & Greenberg has defended clients throughout Southern California accused of committing white collar crimes. If you were arrested, or if you have been questioned in connection to this type of offense, it is important to consult with an experienced San Bernardino or Riverside criminal defense lawyer. We will act quickly to uncover any evidence obtained against you and determine the best defense strategy for you.

Types of White Collar Crimes in San Bernardino and Riverside

Our firm’s San Bernardino and Riverside attorneys are former deputy district attorneys. We know how to anticipate the district attorney’s strategies and gauge the strength of their case to put you in the best legal position. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers with a substantial background defending clients facing white collar crime allegations, including:

Defending Against White Collar Crimes in San Bernardino and Riverside

At Greenberg & Greenberg, we have experience handling complex cases of corporate fraud and organized theft rings. We also defend individuals suspected of lying to obtain workers’ compensation, fire insurance benefits, or auto accident insurance benefits.

In these complex cases, the prosecution’s case often hinges on paper trails. We know how to challenge questionable evidence to demonstrate your innocence. Our firm will also seek to uncover any contradictory evidence in order to aggressively defend you. Our law firm has the resources and skills to counter the charges at trial or negotiate with the district attorney for a reduction in charges. We often can settle with the district attorney for restitution, probation, counseling, fines, and other alternatives to jail or prison.

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