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Joseph John Felbab, IV

Joseph John Felbab, IV

Joey” Felbab is a former Deputy Public Defender who has devoted his entire career to defending the accused. He found an interest as an undergrad at Chico State as a Criminal Justice major when he learned of the inequities and problems in the current legal system. During his first year at California Western School of Law, he interned at the San Diego Public Defender’s Office. He became a Certified Clerk for the Public Defender where he continued his internship through law school and even earned his first jury acquittal before graduating.

Upon earning his law degree, Joey was hired by the Riverside Public Defenders Office.  Joey has handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from serious felonies including special circumstances murder, sexual assault, and arson, to lower-level cases such as misdemeanors, DUIs, theft, and various juvenile delinquency matters. He has litigated over 100 preliminary hearings and multiple jury trials, with an outstanding success rate once obtaining a not guilty verdict in as little as ten minutes. He is universally respected in the courtroom by judges and prosecutors, which contributes to his ability to obtain favorable outcomes for his clients.

Joey also has extensive training and knowledge with new legal programs aimed at rehabilitation.  He has successfully advocated for addiction and mental health treatment for some of the most serious cases. He uses his skill, passion, and understanding of the law and justice system to help convey his clients’ story and obtain favorable dispositions, whether through jury trial, negotiations, or dismissal.

    • Executive Notes and Comments Editor of International Law Journal, Phi Alpha Delta, Pro Bono Honors Society.
    • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Dean’s List, Sigma Chi.